Inner Relationship Focusing Level 2

adobe_pdf_file_icon_32x32Relating to Process – Knowing Yourself

Work as helping profession can be rewarding, but also quite challenging on many levels. Constantly, you are not only interacting with others and their struggles, but also with your unique responses in relationship to your clients.

You can sense those responses in your body, sometimes as clear emotions, thoughts, compassion, and empathy – or as vague sense, hunch or intuition. At times you might find yourself in reactive states, and in addition you have your very own challenges regarding your work and private life.

But how are you actually working with yourself in this relational space? For me, clear understanding of one’s own processes is crucial for at least 3 areas of your work as healing profession.

1) Self-care

2) Feeling yourself in the relational space of therapy

3) Helping the client to pause, sense, and relate in a meaningful way to herself

In this 2-day workshopInner Relationship Focusing Level 2 training, Elmar Kruithoff offers deepening for the learnings from Level 1, that helps you support focusing on experience and relating to your self in presence.

· Deepening of focusing and companioning/partnership skillshands02

· Review and deepening of self-in-presence

· How to get from story to bodily experience/felt sense

· Advanced listening skills

· Review and expanding the Focusing model and Inner Relationship

· How to lead-in to the body

· … and LOTS of practice

With the workshop you will have one hour of in-depth private consultation on Skype/phone (or in person). In this session the participant can choose if they want to have a full session just for themselves, or if they also want to exercise their companion skills + feedback from Elmer.

Presenter: Elmar Kruithoff
Time: Tuesday 15. May 2018 10 -16.30 & Wednesday 16. May 2018 Kl. 10 – 16.30 2018,  and 1 Skype Consultation
Place: Institut for EmotionsFokuseret Terapi Danmark, Ringstedgade 10, Baghuset, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark
Easy English (and Danish)
: 4.000 Dkr. (550 €)
Bank: 8411-4083983  —-  IBAN: DK3084110004083983

When you register, you agree that: Registration is final at payment and binding after 26. January 2018, where after the registration fee is not returned if participants cancel unless its possible to find af replacement from the waiting list.

Tilmelding er endelig ved betaling og bindende efter den 26.1.2018, hvorefter kursusgebyr ikke tilbagebetales ved afbud med mindre der findes erstatning fra venteliste.


About the seminar teacher

elmar-kruithoff_10pxElmar Kruithoff is a psychologist and the founder of xf at, an international business that teaches personal development skills based on Eugene T. Gendlin’s Focusing. Elmar works with people who are committed to improving their creativity, decision-making, leadership skills, relationships and self-care by exploring their inner experience as well as changing their inner behavior towards themselves. He is the author of The Focusing Cards, a new teaching material for Inner Relationship Focusing, as well as the Focusing App in several languages.